CUE (Tangible and Reciprocal Shape Changing Interfaces)

The automotive industry is working on huge innovations towards fully autonomous vehicles. The goal of this project was to improve the aesthetics and reciprocity in the interaction with an autonomous car through a tangible interface.

In a group of three we followed a reflective transformative design process by doing explorations in shape, function and behavior. This iterative process lead to the design of CUE: an interactive armrest. CUE is a mediator between a fully autonomous Car, its User and the Environment. It utilizes shape change in order to inform the user on the driving behavior, and allows one to influence this behavior by altering the surface. Thereby, CUE creates a symbiosis of the programmed behavior of the car, the restrictions of the environment, and the wishes of the user.

Team members: Sietze van de Star, Angelique Witte

Prototype close up Prototype close up hand
Demo Day stand Prototype wood
User Test Workshop
artefact First prototype Exploring materials
Prototype app