Designing Tangible Business Processes

This course was aimed at designing a new business model for the city Eindhoven and working with the Business Model Canvas.

I stepped up as a team leader, which meant that I was responsible for external and internal communication within the group and that I was doing most of the presenting. As a group we came up with a concept called ‘Connecthoven’, which was visualized and explained through the design of a tangible business model.

Team members: Magda van Dijk, José Gallegos, Caroline Overgoor, Joep van de Ven, Wu Wenhao

“Your team performed very well during this course. All team members brought great skills and specializations to the table. You were engaged in class and you produced good deliverables in a timely way. The tangible prototype that your team presented is one of the best models I have ever seen. I am very happy with the fact that I challenged your team to come up with a more sophisticated design. You delivered, as I expected you to do. Very, very, very well done.
You did well in this course. You are a strong student with great skills. You have a stable presence in the group. You earn respect from the audience by your presentation style. As a team leader, you helped your team in a productive good way. The good performance of your team is also due to your team leadership. Thank you for taking on this role. Very much appreciated. Well done.”
– Camilla van den Boom (lecturer)

Final Presentation Tangible Business Model
Presenting Empathy Map Presenting Business Model
Tangible Business Model Tangible Business Model Tangible Business Model
Business Model Canvas