Seamless Interaction Design for Everyday Life (TU/e Final Bachelor Project)

Smartphone interaction is a very ‘focused interaction’. This project was about designing for a functionality that exists currently only within a smartphone application and integrating this functionality in a more seamless way into everyday life.

By doing a qualitative diary study at the beginning of the project, I identified ‘checking your online life’ as one of the most important values of the smartphone application Whatsapp. This led to the design of a haptic button implemented into a computer mouse. Through haptic feedback and led lights the computer mouse informs about incoming messages in individual and group chats.

“You participated well in squad activities and provided fellow students with helpful feedback, you were a good asset to the squad!” – Saskia Bakker (project coach)

Demo Day
Diary Study Diary Study Diary Study
Prototyping Prototyping
Iteration Iteration Quick 'n Dirty prototyping