Nano Supermarket

This project was about designing a product that could hit the shelves in the supermarket of the future. Typical NANO Supermarket projects could be realized within twenty years and stimulate ethical debate.

For the project I took biomimicry as a starting point, since it learns from nature and does not (mis)use nature. Quickly I was inspired by how some animals can navigate with the use of the magnetic field of the earth. The ability to navigate interested me since I see a certain 'control' versus 'exploration' issue while navigating: Do I always want to know the most efficient route?

I designed a product that provides 'the freedom to explore'; a nanotech-based control device that, injected into the nose, allows for a different navigation experience by perceiving changes in the earth's magnetic field and thus facilitating 'a sixth sense'.

"You are a responsible student, with optimum attendance and quick to respond when necessary. Your reserved attitude is probably due to your reflective behaviour, which allows you to analyse situations before responding. This is a strength which shows in your work." - Susana Cámara Leret (project coach)

Demo Day visitor Sight model
Building Designspace Getting Lost Experiment