Reminders in the home (TU/e Final Master Project)

As during my study I got more and more interested in structuring information in daily life in a more effective and comfortable way, I designed a reminder system for the home for my Final Master Project. It combines the strengths of digital reminders (flexibility) with physical reminders (visibility and strategic placement).

The design consists of a smartphone application and physical modules that can be placed strategically in the home. Reminders (i.e. to-dos) are created with use of the smartphone application. On the physical modules these to-dos can be viewed, where location-specific are to-dos are highlighted.

With help of software expert Dennis van den Brand, a prototype was built that was employed for eight days in the home of a participant.

“What I found fascinating to see, is how you first created this super elaborated framework on the elements of reminders and then worked on the design to get it right. It is hard not to appreciate your thorough and structured approach to design.” - Joep Frens (project coach)

Sight model at desk Sight model
Prototype Deployment at participant's home Prototyping
Interface app
Prototype app