During my master I was a tutor for first year bachelor students. A tutor helps the students in the process of becoming a self-directed designer. This includes giving feedback on deliverables like their Personal Development Plan, Professional Identity, Vision and reflections. I really enjoyed it to be a tutor and always got energy from the tutor sessions, especially if these sessions included the development of the students’ Professional Identity and Vision. I think it is extremely interesting to find patterns in ambitions, motivations and behavior in order to capture these in a set of values and beliefs.

Teaching assistant Aesthetics of Interaction
Aesthetics of Interaction is a second-year bachelor’s course on the design of the Aesthetics of Interaction. My responsibility as Teaching Assistant was to lead design critique classes of about 30 students. This involved leading reflective discussions on design processes related to the course material and giving students feedback on their work.

I see teaching as a challenge, because it is a dialogue between your students where you have to find a balance between: explaining and letting them figure things out, telling and listening, executing and observing, in order to help, motivate and challenge the students. I believe that being a teacher/tutor is not just about spreading knowledge, but that it is also about getting new insights and learning on how to communicate.

Jam Card session with tutor kids Jam Card session with tutor kids